8 Truly Great Niche Website Examples and Why They Work So Well.

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Niche Website Examples

Data Analysis from Profitable Example Niche Websites.
Exploring profitable niche websites examples is a way of gaining inspiration for either web design or niche website ideas.
A simple content strategy, what you can learn from profitable niche websites can be surprising.

Free Tools Used for Niche website Research.

Similarweb.com is a superb tool for showing competitors and similar sites in a niche, either by similarity or rank.
Enter the URL of your niche or micro-niche sites and learn from this website statistics!

Crawled Keywords
You can use google ads keyword tool to access keywords for the complete site, this will also give basic information on keyword difficulty, traffic volume and how valuable the keywords are too advertisers.

Please note: l am not advocated making a similar website or making posts to compete with these websites. We are just trying to get an overview of why these niche website examples are so successful.
Choosing a Niche in 4 easy steps

1. The Spruce


niche website examples

Collected Data from Jan 2022
Home & Garden
Rank: 14
Monthly Visits: 27.6million
Monetization: Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts, Ads.

With its massive audience and spread of content, it is a bit of a stretch to call thespruce.com a niche website.
Originally it started with a narrower focus and expanded as it grew its domain authority.
The Spruce is an example of what a successful niche website can become.
Thespruce.com has over 27 million visits per month.

Thespruce.com seems to pick a low-difficulty keyword and then create an article for that keyword.
After this, the approach would be to group loosely linked articles before moving up to target more competitive keywords.

It is simply the amount of content they produced that enabled the site to expand into more fields.
The spruce is a niche site that has simply expanded to the very top level.

What can we learn from The Spruce?

It soon becomes clear that the amount of content is simply massive and would be very difficult to emulate for a small niche site.
Targeting low competition keywords is something that any niche site can attempt. There are several free keyword research tools that you can use to find low competition keywords.
Ahrefs is probably the market-leading research tool, they do have a free keyword generator tool that offers volume and keyword difficulty details.

The Spruce uses a mixture of post types, this adds variety and also makes the site less like an affiliate site. The use of How-to style posts with simple text links to affiliate products is another lesson we can take from this top-level website.

The website itself has a very traditional blog-style layout which works very well. The Spruce is like a niche site expanded to the extreme, but there are elements that you can take away.
Why not try running a few articles titles keywords through the keyword tools and try to understand why they chose them. You may even find a few niche ideas while doing so.

The advantage of a brand-type domain name rather than a more specific domain (like gardenbenches.com) means that you can expand your content or change your focus totally.

  • A large amount of content will quickly help your site gain authority.
  • Target low competition keywords.
  • Group your articles into clusters of linked content
  • Use a mixture of post types, guides, how-to, and reviews.
  • Have different income streams.
  • Use a brandable domain name .

Niche ideas using The Spruce for inspiration

If we look at an example blog post ’15 Closet Lighting Ideas That Will Wow You’ we can then investigate why they chose to write this article.
Using the free ahrefs keyword tool we can look at the traffic and keyword difficulty for closet lighting.

The keyword closet lighting has a difficulty rating of 18 and receives an estimated 4800 searches per month.
A slightly easier long-tail keyword to target is closet lighting ideas, this has a 13 difficulty rating with 1600 searches per month.
Making a niche site around the closet keyword could be an option.
Closet design may be competitive but starting with lower competition long-tail keywords could work.

2. Podiumrunner.com


podium runner

Collected Data from Jan 2022
Sports > Running
Rank: 49
Monthly Visits: 296,000
Monetization: Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts.

Podiumrunner is an excellent example of an affiliate website working in the running niche.
The layout is clean and uncluttered, the viewer is straight into the site content.
Use similarwebs.com and explore their content strategy, what you can learn from this website statistics could influence your approach.

How are they Making Their Money?

  1. Affiliate Marketing. – Outside+ features quite heavily on the website. Outside+ has outdoors-themed magazines, tv shows, apps, and shops.
  2. Sponsored Content. – Outside+ features heavily and forces a sign up to read some articles.

With no ads, the site has a friendly feel. Navigation to categories is obvious. The articles are well written and of a good length.

Engagement : They have their own podcast and a newsletter to keep people returning to the site.

Niche ideas using Podiumrunner for inspiration

Running is a very competitive niche to target, but if you dig down a little further then possibilities appear.
Trail running is an interesting keyword to target as you can make articles targeting a particular area, for example running trails in phoenix.
While the traffic is only 250 visitors a month the keyword difficulty is 0.
Articles on individual areas could build up traffic for your site which you could then introduce product reviews, ads, or link to other local places of interest.



Collected Data from April 2022
Consumer Electronics
Rank: 110
Monthly Visits: 2.2 million
Monetization: Affiliate Marketing.

The website layout is a classic example of an affiliate-style website. Crisp styling with ratings instantly piques the viewer’s interest.
Clear navigation at the top of the page with the site’s 4 main categories underneath does not overwhelm the viewers.
The website has a clear sense of leading a customer where they need to go.

The content is well-produced, using images to break up the text, and full of information.

Soundguys.com have a mixture of post types on their site.

  • Review posts,
  • A vs B posts,
  • Product roundup posts.
  • Informational style posts.

How are they Making Their Money?

Affiliate Marketing.
A near-perfect example of an amazon affiliate niche website, the soundguys.com has just the right balance between selling and being informational.

What Can We Learn From Soundguys.com

Soundguys.com is a well-planned and organized website. The domain soundguys.com is another example of one that doesn’t limit upward growth.
If the website had started by reviewing headphones and named itself bestheadphones.com it would have been difficult to branch out.
Although if you are confident you have a niche you think you can dominate then a keyword-specific domain may work.
Soundguys.com shows the benefit of careful planning when it comes to navigation and linking.

When it comes to keyword research it is a surprise that a search for A vs B can still offer potential rewards.
As an example, iced coffee vs cold brew has a keyword difficulty score of 8 and 1600 visits per month according to ahrefs.com



travel niche website example

Collected Data from April 2022
Niche: Travel & Tourism
Rank: 1193
Monthly Visits: 215.6K
Monetization: Affiliate Marketing, Ads.

Travel is a highly competitive niche, travelmadmum.com seems to have found the sweet spot between a personal travel blog and a commercial website.
Travelmadmum.com may not be as polished as some other travel websites, but it does make you feel that you are getting authentic opinions.
The ad placement is a bit distracting, but if they bring in the revenue without losing visitors then what the heck.

How are they Making Their Money?

Affiliate Marketing.
Using personal experiences and offering solutions to problems in your articles is a great fit when using affiliate links.
Your affiliate links look less like sales and more like recommendations.

As I mentioned earlier the ad placement is a little awkward, it would be interesting to know how much revenue they bring in. Although I’m sure ads in the travel niche will probably pay well.

Online Store
An online store which that handles inventory and deliver of printed goods is a good fit for this website.

What Can We Learn From Travelmadmum.com

One of the things that we can take away from this niche website examples is the importance of personal experience.
Covering one particular area or subject and answering all the FAQs is a good approach for a travel site. Grouping and linking articles help with site authority and site engagement.

5. Coffeeorbust.com


coffee niche

Collected Data from April 2022
Niche: Beverages
Rank: 1193
Monthly Visits: 65.8K
Monetization: Affiliate Marketing.

Travel is a highly competitive niche, travelmadmum.com seems to have found the sweet spot between a personal travel blog and a commercial website.

A standard design for an affiliate website that works well, making it easy to find the required information.
This site has many guides from the knowledgeable owner to balance out the affiliate review pages.
I think that if you were to build a similar niche site to this from scratch it would take a long time to gain the domain authority to rank on google. Coffeeorbust has the advantage of being an aged domain.

How are they Making Their Money?

Affiliate Marketing.
Affiliate links are used in the long review and guide sections.

What Can We Learn From Coffeeorbust.com

It appears that there is still room for review-based affiliate websites.
Finding products that are new to the market is one way to combat competing with websites that have a domain authority advantage.

6. Stonefryingpans.com


Stone frying pans niche website

Collected Data from April 2022
Niche: Cooking & Recipes
Rank: 2,943
Monthly Visits: 71.2K
Monetization: Affiliate Marketing.

Cookware is a broad niche to target, and targeting a smaller niche certainly makes sense. The difficulty is knowing how small a niche to choose and still be profitable.
I did a search using the free ahrefs tool with fondue as a seed keyword, and the results were interesting. Fondue set had an 8-difficulty score with 7900 monthly searches.
Finding the sweet spot between keyword difficulty and profitable traffic is always a balancing act.

How are they Making Their Money

Affiliate marketing is the obvious choice for a niche site like this. Roundup reviews which include the points to look out for when buying products are nicely laid out and offer the opportunity to use keywords in the article.

What Can We Learn From StoneFryingPans.com

Stonefryingpan.com is a niche website example of where a domain name could easily limit a website’s reach.
A search using the Google keywords tool for the website gives 543 keyword ideas. All the results from Google are centered around pots and pans, as you might expect.
Similarweb shows that stonefryingpans.com ranks for 1500 keywords, so perhaps moving into a broader niche is possible.

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