How to Get More Pinterest Followers.5 Simple Strategies to Drive Traffic

Why Getting Pinterest Followers is Important

It is easy to get Pinterest Followers. If you follow many Pinterest boards, you will find that many will follow you in return.

The problem with this approach is unless the Pinterest boards are related, your pins will have little engagement.
Pins with little engagement will be marked as of lesser quality and shown on fewer people’s Feeds.


Only follow boards closely related to your content and actively pin content from other users.
To make the most of Pinterest it is essential to create an appealing pin that stands out from the competition.
Make sure your pins will be popular, master Pinterest keyword research.

One way to integrate your website and Pinterest account is to create images that you can use on both.
Create a featured image for your website, and pin this on Pinterest. Using your website colors and style will increase your brand identity across the two platforms.

When you create images for Pinterest pins you can also try to integrate them directly into your website, two birds with one stone!
If your website has the facility to make it possible to pin images to Pinterest you should make use of this.

  • Follow only related Pinterest boards
  • Check that boards are active and show multiple users pins
  • Use graphics that can be used on your website and on Pinterest if possible

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Make a Dedicated Pinterest Board Just for You Blog Posts

A simple method for increasing traffic to your website from Pinterest is to set up a dedicated blog board. Every time you have a new blog post create a Pin and send it to your Pinterest blog board.

Your blog board will make it easy to keep track of your Pins and make it easy to repin to other boards.

Pinterest does not like you to repin the same content multiple times. When you make a blog post Pin it makes sense to make variations.
Make between 3 and 5 variations of images, descriptions, and titles. It is much quicker to do this in one go and then upload them to your main blog board.

  • Make a blog board for you websites posts.
  • Have between 3 to 5 variations for your images, descriptions, and title.

Use Pinterest Suggested Keywords in Your Board Names


When choosing a Pinterest Board name using the Pinterest search bar is a good way to find suitable keywords for your board name.
Use your keyword in the search bar, select boards, and Pinterest will suggest board names much like Google’s autosuggest.

If your post was about succulents for example the suggestions include succulents indoors and succulents in containers. It will be much easier for your Pins to be found in one of these boards rather than being lost in a large group of succulents boards.

  • Use Pinterest Autosuggest for Board names
  • Niche Down your Board Title e.g From Gardening to Vegetable Gardening

What Should I Write In My Pinterest Description?

If you have followed good SEO practices when creating your blog posts you should hopefully have already known which keywords you are trying to target.
Using excerpts or elements from your blog post as a starting point for your Pin descriptions should speed up the process. You can even try writing description variations as your are writing your blog post.

If it looks correct it is best to use your keywords early on in your description. Readers and Pinterest itself will have trouble understanding the subject of your Pin if your description rambles.
Pinterest has a 500 character limit for its description and a 100 character limit for the title, it makes sense to use as much as possible.

It is good practice to show your website title or brand in the title. This helps to reinforce your identity with viewers, it will also mean that anyone can always find your blog content should your pin get formatted wrongly.
Simply use a hyphen or separator after your description and then add your website address or brand.

  • Use Elements From Your Blog Post
  • Use Your Keywords Near the Start of Your Description
  • Show Your Brand or Website Address

Make Sure to Pin Consistently

The more pins you have on Pinterest will hopefully equate to more website traffic for your website. Pinterest also rewards consistency, if you are sharing high-quality, engaging content, Pinterest is more inclined to show it on smart feeds.
Your Pinterest followers are more likely to take an interest in your content if you post regularly.

Around 10 pins per day is a good number to aim for, you can easily pin up to 25.
Any more than this can appear a bit spammy unless you have built up a massive set of your own pins.

Pinning content from other sources that match your topic will help Pinterest understand what your board is about.
Varied Pins keep a board interesting and may also give content ideas for your website.

  • Pin Consistently
  • Aim for roughly 10-25 Pins per day.
  • Pin related content, not just your own. Make your board interesting and valuable.

You Could Join a Group Board

pinterest group board

A Pinterest group board is a single board that has multiple collaborators.
The board will have one owner who can invite others to join and post pins to the board.

If you wish to join a group board you can message the owner and ask to be added as a collaborator.
You can start or make an existing board a group board and invite people to join.

A popular group board often has a large audience, but many group boards can just be dumping grounds for pins.
It is probably not worth expending too much time and effort joining or starting group boards. While the right group board can open up your pins to a large audience they can also negatively impact the interaction rating of your pins.

  • Only join a group board if its relevant and looks active.
  • The power of group boards has diminished greatly since Pinterest rates engagement so highly.

How to Increase Your Engagement on Pinterest

Making multiple boards that have a definite category will make it more likely that you will gain followers and repins.
Multiple boards will also make it likely that your pins will be able to be posted on more than one board.

Commenting on pins and thanking users that repin your content will often bring a response from the other pinner. Simply being friendly will bring with it some engagement.

  • Fill out your Pinterest presence with multiple related boards.
  • Pin your content to more than one board
  • Comment on and repin other peoples pins.

Add a Way to Pin Your Content Directly

WordPress has plugins that make it possible to pin images directly from your website.
This is an easy way to get repins of your content.
If your post is informative, readers will often pin an image as a type of Bookmark. More pins mean more chance of traffic back to your webpage.

The free WordPress Plugin Sassy social share is a popular social media plugin.

  • Add a Pin It style button if possible.

How To Get Pinterest Followers – Summary

If you take an organized approach to Pinterest you should see an increase in website traffic from Pinterest.
Tweak your images; so they work for Pinterest and your website.
Make sure you Pin consistently, it doesn’t take long and often has the benefit of giving you content ideas.

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